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Fort Lauderdale: up to 50% off.

Browse for hot spots in Fort Lauderdale this summer at up to 50% off.

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Up to 50% off Washington DC deals:

Search for bookings in Washington DC with discounts up to 50% off.

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San Diego Value Deals: 50% off.

A maximum savings of up to 50% off value deals in San Diego - click here.

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Boston - up to 50% off bookings.

Book accomodations in Boston now for up to half off in savings.

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Spain: take up to $138 off.

Various Spanish locations on sale with up to $138 off.

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Up to 50% off deals in New Orleans.

The Big Easy at a big discounts. New Orleans at up to 50% off - sign me up.

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Czech Republic: take up to $170 off.

Destinations within the Czech Republic are up to $!70 off. Search now.

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Up to $190 off Canadian destinations.

Visit the friends to the north, Canada, for up to $190 off. Various locations eligible.

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About is a website that lets people get fantastic deals for their hotel, B&Bs and luxury accommodation in various destinations around the world. It was started in Netherlands in the year 1996 and has since grown to be one of the most popular reservation platforms. It was bought by Priceline Group in 2005 and at the moment, it accounts for about 70% of Priceline’s combined revenue. is a convenient way to book your accommodation because it helps you identify and pay for the hotel rooms in quick and easy steps. All that someone needs to do is log into the website and do a quick search of the hotel rooms in a certain destination. For example, if you would like to stay in Amsterdam, all you have to do is list Amsterdam as your destination and add in details regarding the dates you wish to stay through and the number of adults or kids if you are not travelling alone. The website will then load a list of suggested destinations and include their prices.

Furthermore, is a favourite because users can actually see the other amenities and benefits that are unique to that hotel or specific hotel room. Here, you can get to know about the availability of WiFi, cable connection and the kind of views you can expect from the hotel window or balcony.

Using coupons on ensures that you get the very best of deals affordably. The website offers users the benefit of saving plenty of money in a year through coupons and promo codes. They can be in form of booking through a link or simply entering a coupon code on a “deals field” that is usually available on each side’s listing. The discounts keep on changing depending on the hotel and the season. You can save up to 50% if you always use coupon codes and discounts if you regularly book through for all your travels. Combining this with the website’s own option of saving a hotel and booking it at a later date also works perfect as someone can pay for the hotel and only choose the travel dates when he wants to travel.

Simply go to the bottom of the landing page of the website, and navigate to the field inviting you to subscribe to secret deals for the month. On the same field, enter an email address and click the subscribe button. This navigates you to a page where you can see the existing deals for the travel destinations you want but even more conveniently, you can subscribe to receive email notifications when there is a new hotel room deal by the accommodation providers.

How to connect with

Travellers, accommodation providers and travel agents can all reach directly through email, phone or directly through the websites. Travel agents and other affiliate partners can join the partner program by clicking the affiliate link at the bottom-right part of the website and fill in their details. These details usually include two names, an email contact that can be used for communication and logins and details about your
region. The international telephone number (English Language) is +44 20 3320 2609.

You can also keep track on the social media activities by following their Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and Medium accounts. The activities of these accounts are explained in more detail on the careers page of the website under the “Follow Planet Booking” section at the bottom left of the page. It also advertises new opportunities for bloggers, affiliate pages, job-seekers and hobby travellers.

Refund policy

When bookings are made through, they are usually classed into three status updates that affect your payments and refunds. These statuses are “not finalized” (white), “finalized” (green) and “canceled” (red). The refund depends on the hotel that a traveler had booked, the booking status and in that case, everyone needs to read the refund policy for every individual booking you make. Some hotels refund a specific percentage while there are some that do not give any refund at all. Travellers are however encouraged to alter their booking if they do not need to cancel the booking. All cancelations are reviewed and may take 3-4 days before a cancellation is approved and a refund is made.

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