ShutterStock Coupons Promo Codes For September 2020:

Get a 30-Day ShutterStock Free Trial and 10 Free Images!

Right now ShutterStock is offering you a free 30 day trial as well as 10 free images to use right now. You need to redeem this promo code at checkout to get the discount.

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Save 20% Off Subscriptions and Image Packs!

Use this promo code to save 20% off either monthly or annual subscriptions. You can also use it to save 20% off image packs.

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Subscriptions and Image Packs for 25% off

For a limited time ShutterStock offers 25% off of image packs and subscriptions when you apply the discount code at checkout.

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Get 10 Free Images from ShutterStock

New customers can sign up for a free 30 day trial of a Shutterstock subscription which includes 10 image, video, or audio downloads when you use this coupon code.

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Save 10% on Standard-License Downloads

This voucher code will get you 10% off of standard-license images, audio, and video clips. Add to your cart at checkout to get your discount.

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Just $0.27 for Vector Images!

Believe it or not this is their every day low pricing on vector images, you don't need a promo code to get this amazing deal

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40% off When You Pay Annually!

The subscription plans are already the best value for you money, and if you pay annually instead of month to month you will save an additional 40%!

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Free Images & Video When You Join the Mailing List

Subscribers to the mailing list get a free image and video in their inbox every week. It's a great way to find new content and creators, plus you never know when something useful will come up!

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Expired Codes

Stock Videos Discounted by 10%

This coupon is only valid for stock video downloads, enter it at checkout to get a discount of 10% applied to your cart.

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Spring Sale: 15% off of Monthly Subscriptions

This will save you some money if you pay month to month for your subscription, otherwise paying for a year up front (annual billing) is still the better option at 40% off.

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Another Coupon for 15% Off Subscriptions

Again this coupon code is valid for month to month billing on subscription plans. Please note this will only get you 15% off of one month, to get a recurring discount use their annual billing plan for 40% off.

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$7 Discount on Images, Videos, and Audio

Not a huge discount, but better than nothing! I believe this can be applied to anything: single image purchases, image packs, and subscriptions.

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About ShutterStock:

ShutterStock was founded in 2003 by Jon Oringer and is one of the most successful companies of its kind. While primarily known for stock photos, ShutterStock also offers stock footage, vectors, editorial images, as well as music for use in commercial enterprises. According to their website, they strive for customer focused ingenuity and value to create an exceptional service.

They currently boast over 1 billion downloads from their website with 650,000+ contributors from around the globe. They are based out of New York but keep offices in London, Montreal, Dublin, Denver, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney, Toronto, and more. They service 150+ countries and their website is available in 21 languages.

Depending on the type of content you are trying to access, plan pricing varies. Regular stock photos and vectors come in either prepaid packs, which vary between $29 and $299, or annual plans which start at $29 a month and go up to $199 a month. For HD footage you can choose a single clip for $79 or purchase packs which range from $359 to $1,579. Editorial images cost more than regular stock images which are either $199 an image or $99 an image with a 25 image pack. Music starts at $49 for a standard license and $419 for an enhanced license. Some of these categories offer different prices for teams.

To subscribe or purchase, navigate to your intended category. Individual pricing will be available on these pages and you will be prompted to sign up.

How to Your Shutterstock Promo Code

If you have promo codes for Shutterstock and want to enter it the process is pretty standard.

  1. Navigate to either the top menu and look for “Pricing” or the bottom menu and look for “Subscribe/Renew”. When you click this you will be redirected to a page showcasing their plans.
  2. Select your plan and click “Buy Now”.
  3. Underneath the box labeled “Order Summary”, you will see a link in blue that asks, “Do you have a coupon code?”. Click it.
  4. A box will appear telling you to enter your coupon code. Do that and then click “Apply”.
  5. If your coupon is valid it will be applied to your order and you will receive a confirmation message saying, “You entered a valid coupon” along with the discount.

How to Connect:

Shutterstock has provided numerous ways of contacting them for support. By navigating down to their bottom menu and locating the “Help” section you can easily figure out any problem.

The first thing they offer is their support center. This simply allows you to find existing answers to your questions. If this is not enough, however, there are a few ways to contact them.

Contact Form: By clicking “Contact Us” in the same menu, you will be directed to a page with a form. Fill that out and send it. You should receive an email response.

Live Chat: Occasionally on Shutterstock, a chat window will pop up allowing you to chat with a live representative with any questions.

US Phone: 1-886-663-3954

International Phone: Shutterstock provides specific contact numbers for all the countries it services sorted by language spoken. This will be linked under the “Contact Us” section.

Fax Number: 1-347-402-0710

Social Media: They are available on Twitter (@shutterstock) as well as Facebook.

Refund Policy

If you want to cancel your subscription with Shutterstock you may do so by changing your user settings. However, they do not appear to offer refunds.

Their policies for cancellation of service depend on what plan you chose to begin with:

For Annual Plans:

If you want to cancel your plan after your subscription runs out, just be sure to alter your settings for your account. If you want to cancel early you may be charged a fee for early cancelation. This is because the annual plans offer a reduced rate for photographs so once your account is charged it’s expected that you would finish out your subscription. If you need to cancel early they ask that you contact them directly via their contact form.

For Image Packs or Monthly Subscriptions:

For image packs, you have access to your purchase throughout the year. Monthly subscriptions will auto-renew unless you change them and will be active until your next billing period.

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