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About Glossier:

Glossier is a cosmetics and skincare products company. Glossier was founded in 2013 by Emily Weiss who by then was running a blog she started in 2010. The blog is called Into the Gloss and on it she focused on women’s beauty and fashion. With the success of her blog, she decided to look for seed money to expand. Glossier was launched with Emily Weiss the as CEO. Its first four products were unveiled in the month of October 2014 in her blog.

Glossier now has a wide range of products like skin serums, shower gel, masks, body lotion, lip balms, fragrance, and other fragrance and beauty products. It has showrooms in several cities across the United States and their products are available and can be shipped to the 50 states of America, Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, France, Denmark and the Republic of Ireland. At Glossier there is Standard shipping in the UK which takes approximately 2-5 days and it is free when you spend £30 and above.

How to Enter Promo Codes When Shopping

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