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TaxSlayer Promo Codes

TaxSlayer Promo Codes for Tax Returns.

Use a TaxSlayer coupon code and get the maximum amount of money back on your tax return.

TaxSlayer Military Discount for Free Federal Returns.

Promo Codes for 10% off all products and services at TaxSlayer .

Best Coupons for TaxSlayer.

TaxSlayer Promo Codes for 10% off your Federal Tax Return.

  • Use the coupon code to save 10% off your federal tax e-filing. Check the full terms & conditions on the website.
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TaxSlayer Military Discount for Free Federal Tax Returns.

  • If you’re a military member, you can file your federal tax return free at TaxSlayer. Terms & Conditions may apply.

Buy TaxSlayer Classic for only $29.95.

  • Download TaxSlayer Classic for only $29.95. No promo code required.

Get TaxSlayer Premium Software as low as $49.95.

  • E-file your taxes using TaxSlayer Premium software, as low as $49.95. No discount code required.

Get $0 Federal and $0 State with TaxSlayer Simply Free.

  • Select TaxSlayer Simply Free on the website and file your 1040 tax return free.

Get Exclusive TaxSlayer Promo Codes, & Coupons for your Tax Return today.

  • Sign up the TaxSlayer newsletter and you’ll receive exclusive coupons, coupon codes for filing taxes at TaxSlayer.

Homeowners can get 35% off when you deduct property taxes and mortgage interest.

  • Only $29.95, 35% discount when compared to tax preparation competitors.

The TaxSlayer Student Discount get you a Free Tax Filing!

  • Verify student status as you file to receive your free tax filing from TaxSlayer.

Download the Mobile App for Free

  • You can complete your tax filing anywhere with the free TaxSlayer file and go app. No coupon code required.

Get a $3600 Child Tax Credit when you file with TaxSlayer.

  • You won’t miss out on the $3600 child tax credit when your file at TaxSlayer.

Receive a Free Estimate on your Federal Tax Return.

  • Receive a free estimate when you e-file your federal tax return.

File Tax Returns from Previous Years Free!

  • E-file a return for previous years free.

Expired Coupons for TaxSlayer.

Discount Codes for 50% off TaxSlayer Federal E-Files.

  • Apply the code to save 50% off your Federal Tax Filing. Check the full terms and conditions at
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Codes for 25% off any TaxSlayer Tax Software.

  • Redeem promo codes for 25% off TaxSlayer Classic or Premium Software.
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New Customers get 25% off your First Tax Filing.

  • TaxSlayer coupon for 25% off your first e-filing. Terms & Conditions apply.
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Coupon codes for 35% off Federal Tax Returns.

  • TaxSlayer Coupon for 35% off discount on your Federal Returns. Terms & Conditions apply.
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TaxSlayer LLC is a privately held tax preparation and financial technology company based in Augusta, Georgia. The company offers online tax preparation technology for American consumers and tax professionals, allowing them to electronically file state and/or federal returns.
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