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Barcelo Promo Codes: Get Deals on Hotels & Resorts!

The best Barcelo promo code is for an extra 5% off any hotels booked through their website. There are also coupons for bigger discounts (an extra 10% off or more) on specific hotels. Additionally, customers can save even more by joining the My Barcelo VIP program. Members get exclusive promo codes & 20% off hotel nights.

Barcelo Coupons, Promo Codes June 2024:

Extra 5% off all hotels with Barcelo promo code

Details: Save an extra 10% off all Barcelo hotels with this promo code. Total discounts can be as high as 40% off. There is no promo code that'll save you more than this right now.

See website for terms & conditions.

Get up to 40% Discounts with Last Minute Deals, & Extra 10% Discount with Barcelo Coupon Code:

Details: Get an extra 10% discount on your last-minute hotel booking when using this Barcelo promo code. Code is valid for Latin America hotels & resorts. Book before October 2nd for travel from August 20th to October 15th.

See website for terms & conditions.

Promo Code for up to $700 savings on luxury hotel & resort accommodations!

Details: Code is valid for select destinations only: Punta Cana, Cancun, Cozumel, Istanbul, Madrid, Greece, Dubai, Riviera Maya, and more. Exact discount varies by total booking amount and individual hotel. Click to see offers.

See website for terms & conditions.

Extra 10% Discount Promo Code for Barcelo Bavaro Palace.

Details: Get an additional 10% discount on your stay when using this coupon code to book the Barcelo Bavaro Palace. The Barcelo Bavaro Palace is a luxury resort with a state of the art spa and top-tier golf course. The Bavaro Palace is also located on one of the top-rated beaches in the world.

See website for terms & conditions.

Extra 5% off Barcelo hotels with promo code

Details: Customers can use this coupon for an extra 5% off any hotels booked through the Barcelo website. Total discounts of up to 40% are available.

See website for terms & conditions.

Barcelo Coupon for Extra $200 Discount on the Benidorm Beach Hotel:

Details: Travel to the beachfront location of the Barcelo Benidorm Hotel and enjoy historical charm mixed with modern hotel amenities. Get an extra $200 discount when using this coupon code on our booking.

See website for terms & conditions.

Extra 10% off Barcelo's Latin American hotels for Canadian customers

Details: Canadian customers can take an extra 10% off the rate for Barcelo hotels in Latin America during the Valentine's Day sale. With this promo code total discounts can be as high as 40%.

See website for terms & conditions.

Extra 10% off with Barcelo coupon

Details: During the Christmas sale customers can save an additional 10% on any Barcelo hotel with this promo code. Offer ends 12/24.

See website for terms & conditions.

Promo code for an extra 10% off all Barcelo Group hotels

Details: For a limited time customers can take an extra 10% off when they book hotels through the Barcelo website. With coupon total savings can be as much as 40%.

See website for terms & conditions.

Extra 5% off all hotels booked through

Details: This promo code is for an additional discount of 5% on all hotels in the Barcelo Group.

See website for terms & conditions.

Barcelo promo code for an extra 5% off all hotels

Details: All Barcelo hotels are eligible for this extra 5% off promo code.

See website for terms & conditions.

Coupon for an extra 10% off Barcelo's Occidental Cozumel

Details: Until February 9th customers can take an extra 10% off at the Occidental Cozumel with this promo code for Barcelo.

See website for terms & conditions.

Today’s Top Coupons:

No.Discount amountOffer DetailsPromo Code or Deal
1.5%Get 5% discounts on all Barcelo hotels and resortsCode
2.up to 40% & extra 10%Get up to 40% off last minute deals, plus an extra 10% discount on hotels & resorts in Latin AmericaCode
3.up to $700Get up to $700 discounts on luxury resorts in selected locationsCode
4.10%Extra 10% Discounts on Barcelo Bavaro Palace bookingsCode
5.5%Extra 5% Savings on Barcelo hotel bookingsCode

Are there any Barcelo promo codes currently?

Barcelo always has at least one promo code running. Currently there are 10 active coupons.

What is the best Barcelo promo code?

For most customers the promo code for 5% off any of Barcelo’s hotels will offer the best discount. However, there may be a coupon for 10% off available, depending on which property they will be staying at.

Are there any Barcelo promo codes for hotels in Aruba?

The 5% off coupon is valid for all hotels owned by the Barcelo group. Currently there are no promo codes specifically for hotels in Aruba.

Are there any promo codes for My Barcelo?

Coupons from the My Barcelo program are only made available to members of the program. It is free to sign up for their exclusive promo codes and deals.

Ways to Save the Most Money

All military staff are eligible redeem an extra 5% off bookings on Barceló Hotels.

Join My Barcelo to enjoy a wide range of travel savings. You’ll get discounts on extra hotel services, early bird deals, and priority access with digital check-in (so you save both time and money).

Also when you join My Barcelo, you get the guaranteed lowest price on your booking. Also, the more travel you book with My Barcelo, the better discounts you get on prices.

Click on the Hotel Offers tab to find new deals. On this page you can sort by recommended or expiry date (to find travel deals that are close to ending).

What to Know About Promo Codes:

A coupon code is an alphanumeric digit that you enter before completing your booking to get either a dollar or percentage discount off your total booking cost.

You can only enter one promo code at a time. However, sometimes they offer promotions like last-minute deals where you can use a promo code on top of the promotion to combine discounts.

While promo codes are a freely available way to get an immediate discount on your travel booking, joining My Barcelo may save you even more money overall. The disadvantages of promo codes are that while they get you an instant discount, using My Barcelo means all the money you spend adds up to extra rewards.

ProsCons (compared to My Barcelo)
Codes are valid for new & existing customersNo need to find and apply coupons
Codes get up to $700 savings on travel bookingsMore bookings lead to greater discounts
Codes are freely availableFree extras, faster check in time.
Big discounts on resort-specific promo codesLower prices with the exclusive “Barcelo Rate” when logged in.

Overall, if you are making only one booking and you find a promo code offering a significant discount for your hotel or resort booking, then using coupon codes is better. If you intend on booking travel on multiple times, then signing up with My Barcelo will offer you more savings over the long term.

How to use Coupon Codes

get discounts on hotel & resort bookings today
  1. Go to and select your travel destination and dates.
  2. You’ll be asked to select your room type.
  3. On the next screen, there’s a link that says “Special Codes or Rates”. Click it to reveal the coupon code box.
  4. There’s two entry fields that appear. You should enter the promo code in the entry field on the right-hand side.
  5. Simply enter the coupon code, either by typing it out manually or by copying and pasting it.
  6. If the voucher is valid for the travel dates and/or destination, you’ll receive your discount.
  7. If it doesn’t work, try more promo codes until you get the lowest possible price.
  8. Enter your payment details to complete your booking.

Tips if the Promotional Code Isn’t Working:

Check the full terms and conditions of the discount code. It may be expired, or not valid for the particular location, resort, or travel dates.

Customer Support

If you need help making your booking or with an existing booking, you can easily reach their customer support team:

  • Phone: (800) 227 23 56
  • Contact Form: There numerous contact forms on this page, depending on the type of help you need.

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Today's Best Coupons:

Total Offers:17
Total Promo Codes:9
Average Savings:20%
Best Discount:30%
Verified Coupons:7
Store Rating:4.95 Stars
Online Coupons or In-StoreOnline
Best $ Off Promo Code$5.50

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About Barcelo Hotels & Resorts
The Barcelo Hotel Group has a portfolio of more than 130 hotels in more than 20 countries. They offer accommodation at the best European, African, Latin American and Caribbean destinations and cities.
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