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About CouponFeed

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Our Mission is Simple:

To provide up-to-date and working coupon codes for all major online retailers. You work hard for your money, and we want to make sure it will go as far as possible when making purchases online. We work hard to keep our coupon codes up to date and to check them regularly, but if you ever find one that is not working please let us know!

Coupon Feed Administrator
This is Jenny. She’s a proud member of the CouponFeed Team!

We are a small business (there is just 2 of us!) but we have big ambitions: we’d like to be one of the top providers of coupons on the internet. We have personally experienced the frustration of clicking through page after page of coupons and finding that they are expired, or not labeled properly and thus do not work for our purchase. Not to name any names, but some of the big coupon websites just don’t care. We do, and that’s the difference here at CouponFeed.

Were you always CouponFeed?

Actually, no! We originally started way back in the day as an RSS feed app called “Lazy Feed”. The software was great, but in all honesty it wasn’t offering anything that bigger names weren’t already so we never really got a foothold in the market. Rather than just packing it in, we decided to keep the website and provide a ‘feed’ of something that was constantly updating and changing. After running into a lot of trouble trying to book a vacation through Expedia and just not finding any valid coupons we landed on what our new business would be: coupons! And thus, Lazy Feed became CouponFeed. We took out the space between words because we thought it looked more sophisticated and like a proper tech company.

Take a look around, we hope you like the site!