Ccleaner Coupons and Promo Codes Promo Codes Updated For September 2020:

15% Off Code - CCleaner Professional (for Mac)

Clean your Mac up with CCleaner at 15% off.

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Save $30 on CCleaner Professional Plus License.

Click through and save on your subscription to CCleaner Professional Plus.

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Tune up your PC with CCleaner.

PC users, try the free version and get started with Spring cleaning.

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Free Download - Try CCleaner.

Downloaded over 2.5 billion times and free (with limited functions).

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CCleaner Professional - The #1 tool for cleaning your computer.

Try the most talked about tool for free, and you know you'll want to go pro!

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CCleaner Cloud - remotely clean and manage multiple endpoints.

Administer and clean your computers while on the go via CCleaner Cloud.

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CCleaner for Android - the ultimate cleaning app for Android.

CCleaner optimizes your Android in seconds. Making your device cleaner, safer and faster.

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CCleaner Network - Endpoint optimization for enterprise users.

CCleaner Network Edition gives you the power to keep endpoints working at peak performance - right from your desk.

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CCleaner Business Edition for any sized business.

Get on-premise version of our award winning product installed on multiple end points.

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CCleaner Technician Edition - clean PCs onsite or remotely.

CCleaner Technician Edition cleans unnecessary files, data and settings in seconds, so there no downtime.

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About Ccleaner:

Most of the Windows operating system users know about this software since it has been around since 2004. CCleaner, initially known as Crap-Cleaner is a utility or system software created by Piriform–Ltd, a popular computer-software company that was obtained in 2017 (about 2 years ago) by Avast. Other tools by Piriform include Speccy, Recuva, and Defraggler.

CCleaner is known to perform tasks that directly benefit the operations of the computer infrastructure. This is much different from the application software programs that do all the tasks to support all the activities of the common user.

It has full capabilities to delete the application data, cookies, browsing history, system caches, recycle bin, log files, file fragments, memory dumps, and potentially-unwanted or temporary files left behind by other applications such as WinRAR, MS Office, WinZip, Windows Media Player, Chrome, IE, Safari, GIMP, Adobe Acrobat, eMule, Opera, MS Edge, Nero, Firefox, Adobe Flash Player, Safari, and among others.

In addition, it’s able to manipulate the registry to correct various errors such as unused file extensions and also missing paths to particular references. It can also free or format the entire drive for free space, erase Windows-System Restore points, uninstall other software, or even change the settings of programs that execute when the computer starts.

The software was written by Lindsey Whelan and Guy Saner in C++ computer programming language and released in 2004 and currently, it’s available in about 47 programming languages. In 2014, an Android version of the software was released and just recently, in October 2018, Piriform released a Mac OSX version of the software. Its headquarters are based in Prague, Czech Rep.

How to Use Coupon Codes

The use of discounts, promotional and coupon codes are considered as the greatest way to save money a great deal when buying items in any platform. CCleaner is no exception and in this year, a variety of discounts are available for the Professional, Professional Plus, Business, Network, and Mac Editions of the software. All discounts and coupons are regarded as fresh and a hundred percent valid from the Piriform Ltd dealers. In addition, you can get coupons and discounts for both Android and tablets devices.

Purchasing CCleaner makes sure that your computer runs quicker during startup, eliminates the common PC crashes and errors, browsing is safe, and that your computer is extraordinarily faster. To use your coupon code, go their website at and choose any of the editions that suits you. It’s good to note that the professional edition is the most popular and powerful and makes it easy to customize your system settings as well as keep your work well managed and private. Moreover, the edition has more features compared to other versions of the CCleaner such as automatic and regular cleaning of junk-files, real-time PC-monitoring, and also automatic privacy-protection.

After you choose the favorite version, click on the “Buy Now” button (the button with a blue color). You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be required to enter various information – Your personal information and Payment details. Remember to check the box that is just above the payment options to be able to receive special offers and product updates. Find the coupon box on this same page and enter your valid coupon code. Press “Redeem” and wait for your order to be applied.

How to Connect with CCleaner

You can connect with CCleaner in various ways such as following them on social media. The following are the links that you can use to connect with the merchant on social networking sites.

Facebook –
Twitter –
Google+ –
LinkedIn –
YouTube –

For extra information and inquiries, make sure to contact them via their contact webpage at In addition, you can contact support at link address.

Refund Policy

The CCleaner merchants allow cancellation and also issuing a refund of any software edition bought in their online stores only within thirty days of purchase.

However, refunds and cancellation of any purchase are not allowed if a user has tried to violate their License-Agreement, or if the user has used their Virtual Private Network (VPN) or any network solution to download and/or upload more than 10 gigabytes (GB) of data in total or if you have used the network service for more than one hundred times.

Other situations include when the merchants granted your cancellation and you stayed up to 6 months without responding. It’s good to note that it’s the user’s right to receive a refund of any purchased item if they want to.

So make sure to follow the CCleaner’s full agreement at their website at in order to get a full refund.

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