Atom Tickets Promo Code

Atom Tickets Coupon Codes Updated For September 2020:

$5 Off Your First Ticket!

Get $5 Off your first ticket with Atom Tickets!

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No Fees on Your Ticket

Get No added Fees on your movie ticket with Atom Tickets today!

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Take $5 Off your first movie ticket!

Take $5 Off your first movie ticket with Atom Tickets!

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$5 Off for New App Users!

Downlaod the Atom Tickets app and get $5 Off!

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Use Samsung Pay and get $5 Off

Use Samsung Pay and get $5 Off your movie ticket!

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50% Off one movie ticket at Atom Tickets!

Get 50% Off one movie ticket when you buy it in advance!

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Atom Loyalty Program

Join the program, see 4 movies, get 1 for free!

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Purchase tickets for Avengers: Endgame now!

Get tickets now for a movie that has been years in the making! Pre-purchase to avoid disappointment!

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About Atom Tickets

Located in Santa Monica, California, Atom tickets is one of the leading movie ticketing services that has made it easier for users to go to movies. Its ability to enable users to find the right movie, coordinate with their friends to buy tickets and skip the lines at the theatres has propelled them to the top. They also allow users to preorder concessions.

The company is a ticketing service where a user finds and buys tickets and concessions. A very key feature is its ability to allow the coordination of ticket payment and the screening for groups in case you want to see the movies together.

Founded in 2014 by Ameesh Paleja, Mathew Bakal, and Geoff Shaevitz, Atom Tickets has exponentially grown to serve a large number of screens across North America. Currently, Mathew Bakal who is a co-founder is the chairman.

In case you are wondering how Atom Tickets works, here is everything about Atom Tickets that you need to know. Most users have the ticketing service’s app either on their Android or Apple devices which makes it easier to access the service. Users can also use the official website to access the ticketing service. Whether on the website or on the app, a user can find a film they want, book and pay for the ticket or even coordinate with other friends who want to watch it together. It allows the user to skip all the line at the theatre.

It has partnered with virtually every big name in the movie industry from Studio Movie Grill theatres, CinepolisUSA, CMX cinemas, AMC theatres, Malco Theatres, Maya Cinemax to Far Away Entertainment. There are over 21000 of the volume screens all across North America and you, therefore, cannot miss a theatre near you on the list.

How to Redeem Your Discount Codes:

You can enjoy a discount on your ticket using coupon codes. Here’s how you can use the coupon codes when buying your tickets.

  • 1. Select the movie you want to watch and its showtime
  • 2. In case you want to watch it with friends, tap the friends you want to invite
  • 3. Select the number of tickets and the seats
  • 4. Proceed to the Review Your Order page where you need to tap on the Promo Code text box
  • 5. Enter your coupon code in the promotion code text box
  • 6. The Review Your Order page reloads and apply the discount before you proceed to checkout

How to Connect with Atom Tickets:

The ticketing service is highly accessible to users through its customer support and social media channels. Customer support can be contacted via email and phone number as follows:


·Phone: 1-844-838-6284

The phone is toll-free.

On social media you can reach the ticketing service through the following:




The social media channels have important updates where users can get to know of the amazing movies to watch. They can also interact on social media platforms.

Their Refund Policy:

The big question is often on what happens if you change your plans after you have booked the ticket. But you don’t have to worry a thing because of the favorable refund policy by the ticketing service. It is one of the most impressive features about Atom Tickets. You can cancel your order up to 30 minutes before the showtime. You can get this done from right within your Atom app and get the charges refunded to your credit or debit card within 5 business days.

The procedure of canceling is quite simple and is as follows:

1.Tap on y Profile’ which is on the bottom right

2.Tap on the ticket or tap iew All’ if you have more than one ticket

3.Tap Cancel Order and when you are prompted to cancel, do select es’

After the cancellation, you will receive a message through email or through the phone number connected to your account.

What if it’s after the showtime? It is still possible. You can have a theatre manager refund your ticket or by contacting your customer support through 1-844-838-6284 or their email: You can always rest assured that you will get a refund if your plans do change.

Atom Tickets is revolutionizing the movie ticketing industry and keeps getting better over time. You can always rely on them to get to watch the movie you have been looking forward to watching.

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