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iStockphoto Coupon Codes Updated For September 2020:

15% Off Annual Subscriptions:

Coupon ends October 1, 2019.

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10% Off Credits for Everyone:

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10 images for $40.

Get your prints now at this discounted rate.

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20% off:

12 iStock Credits available at 20% off.

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6 iStock Credits:

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33% off 60 iStock Credits.

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Free illustration:

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About iStock by Getty Images:

Since 2000, iStockphoto has made it possible for artists to use their passion to make money. iStock was founded by Bruce Livingstone with its headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The platform presents large volumes of exclusive and unique content generated by talented authors. The iStockphoto team carefully selects illustrators and photographers to ensure all content is quality and unique.

How does iStock Work?

iStock’s website allows users to diverse their search with various functions. Creating an iStockphoto account is free. To find photos on iStock, search using the keyword. The website has an auto-suggest feature to help you identify what you are looking for. You may modify your search results by popularity, relevance, license type, collection and composition using the color chart.

The platform has two image collections to choose from: the Signature collection and the Essential collection. The Signature collection is designed for high-end use. It contains design work which has more exclusive images and is pricier. Meanwhile, the Essential collection contains everyday images, ideal for projects like blog posts, publications, podcasts, and video productions. Its content is cheaper and quicker but the quality is never compromised.

iStock has two payment models: the Subscription and Credit model. Each of the models has its advantages and limitations. Your choice depends on the number of images you need. The Credit model allows users to purchase credits which they use to pay for every image upon downloading. The cost varies for Signature and Essential images. The basic rate for one credit is $12. However, there are discounts for bulk credit purchase: $33 for three credits and $2400 for 300 credits. A single Essential image costs you one credit while a single signature image costs you three credits.

The Subscription model means payments on a monthly or annual basis, choosing the number of photos they need in that duration ranging from 10 to 250. The offers are as cheap as $0.22 for an image. For the Essential collection, subscription for ten images each month is $40. For the Signature collection, subscription for 10 images each month is $99. The subscription model is more cost effective and ideal for long term users. iStock accepts various payments methods including American Express, Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard. It also accepts Us money orders as well as checks from Canadian and US banks. Your subscription will automatically be auto-renewed before expiry. You will be notified in case of any rate changes beforehand.

To help users save their money, iStock has a huge collection of budget images or royalty free images. Promo codes will help you save on the next iStockphoto purchase. With every iStock download file comes a standard license. The license enables you to use the image in different projects. You don’t have to pay to the image creator every time you use it.

However, you are not to use iStock content for the following purposes:

• Use in any trademark or logo
• Obscene, pornographic or libelous work
• Stockpiling subscription downloads

iStock uses social media to acquire more users and subscribers. You can connect with iStock on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can check out samples of iStock content on these pages. For further assistance or subscription, iStock has friendly customer care agents who are more than willing to help you. You can either send an email via iStocks website or call 00 27 11463 1925/7. You will get a response within 24 business hours.

iStock allows you to upgrade your subscription. To view your account history, log in to your iStock account, and then go to the verview page’. For invoices, receipts and order confirmations, select’ invoices’ at the top, just below the search bar. For your past download files, click on ‘downloads’.

If you still can’t view your downloads, click on ‘subscriptions’. The pricing depends on the time remaining on the current subscription. Subscription upgrade is not available online at the moment but you can call for help. The platform also allows photo modification and illustration on downloads. You may add text, crop, rotate or filter images to fit your use as long as the content license Agreement is not violated.

Credit pack refunds are made within 14 days from the date of invoice as long as you have not utilised any of the credits. For subscription refunds, ensure you have not made more than 5 downloads and used any of the downloaded photos. Refunds are made within 2 weeks of the invoice date. All refunds require writing by either a letter or an email. There are no refunds for any downloaded images. The only file returns considered are those based on iStock technical issues.

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