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About Living DNA:

Founded in 2016 by the DNA Worldwide Group, Living DNA brings together more than 100 genetic experts, academic researchers, and scientists for the purpose of creating cutting-edge DNA technology. The scientists that work with this organization come from all over the world. Since 2004 DNA Worldwide Group has been a leader in the business of DNA testing.

In this About Living DNA write-up, it is important to mention that the company is involved in a project to help individuals trace their ancestry through DNA mapping as far back as 10 generations. Thus, one is able to know the number of people belonging to his or her ethnic group as well as their migratory history. DNA from both the mother and father is tested with the aim of coming up with a reliable genetic genealogy, where data is available.

Just about anyone can order for a testing kit from the company’s website. After between 5 to 7 days, the kit will be shipped to you. If you need it in between 2 and 3 days, you need to consider paying for express shipping.

Once you have registered the kit’s barcode in your Living DNA account, you can swab your cheeks and seal it in the vial. What remains is to send it via mail after applying the pre-paid shipping label. After between 10 and 12 weeks, Living DNA will send you the results. You will get a notification email, after which you can log in to your Living DNA account to find out the results.

It is also possible to buy the kits as a gift to one or more of your relatives. Each one of the individuals involved will receive a kit and get tested for a more complete picture of your ancestry. If any of your relatives decline to undergo the test, you could give the kit to someone who is interested. In this About Living DNA article, it should be mentioned that the payment can be made using coupon codes.

How to Redeem Your Discount Codes:

Regardless of the company where you intend to make payment using a coupon code, the procedure is simple and easy. The same applies to Living DNA, where you can use coupon codes to pay for genetic testing. So if you have gotten a Living DNA gift card, the following is the process you need to follow when using it:

Step 1. Go on the checkout page and enter your payment. Once you are through, click ‘redeem a Coupon’, which is just under the payment method.

Step 2. Enter your coupon code. If it is displayed on a screen, you may have to copy it on a piece of paper to make the process more convenient.

Step 3. Click ‘Apply’. If you are having any form of trouble, check the code and re-enter it correctly. If you are careful about it, the coupon code should work just fine.

How to Connect With Living DNA:

In this About Living DNA write-up, it is important to note that you can connect with the company on social media. Living DNA is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The other proven method of reaching them is through a fill-in form on their website. Here, you will be required to enter your full names, email address, subject, kit ID, a description of what you are inquiring about, and nature of the inquiry. On the company’s Facebook page, there is a telephone number which you could call. It is: +44 20 3424 3482.

Refund policy:

It is possible for you to cancel your purchase with Living DNA within the first 14 days after you made it. If you are still within the time constraints, you can cancel the order by returning the test kit unopened and in a condition in which it can be resold. Living DNA will refund the entire amount you paid minus additional costs for postage.

The processing of the refund is done within 14 days after Living DNA received notice of the cancellation. Living DNA refunds the amount due on the debit card or credit card used to make the payment. When returning the sampling kit, be careful that you do not use the prepaid postage return label. If you do, the kit will no longer be saleable. Once they receive the kit in the correct form, Living DNA shall inform you of the commencement of the refund processing.

That’s all you need to know about Living DNA.

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