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Zyppah Promo Code September 2020

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Use Zyppah coupons to save an extra 20% off your order. Take the step towards stopping snoring!

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Take $20 off Entire Website

One of the best promo codes, enter at checkout for $20 off any order.

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Receive free shipping on your order.

Unlock free shipping with this promo code entered at time of purchase.

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Save $10 on your order

Depending on what you are ordering different codes' deals may be better. If you are ordering a smaller item like cleaner, this will save you more than other codes.

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$20 off new Pink models

New coupon codes for the release of the pink models will get you $20 off your order.

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32% off a double pack of Zyppah.

Double pack of Zyppah anti-snoring devices for 32% off at Zyppah.com. You won't need any Zyppah codes to redeem offer.

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Hybrid Oral Appliance for 21% off.

The Zyppah Hybrid Oral Appliance for only $99.95 to help stop snoring today. No promo codes required to get the discount.

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$169.95 for the Zyppah Double Pack.

Receive 2 anti-snoring devices for only $169.95 from Zyppah. Coupons not required for discounted price.

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Save $25.90 on the Zyppah Military Appliance.

Zyppah Military Hybrid Oral Appliance for only $99.95. Price is already discounted on website, no code necessary.

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Oral Device Cleaner for $17.95.

Keep your device brand spanking new with the oral cleaner for only $17.95. Everyday low pricing, no promo code needed.

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Choose Zyppah and get free shipping.

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Order the Pro Deluxe Bundle and Save

You won't need any promo codes to redeem this offer. Get the Edge to Edge and Classic model as well as a container of cleaner for one low price at Zyppah.com.

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About Zyppah

Zyppah is a highly reputed company in the manufacture of devices meant to help people battling with snoring problems. The company was founded by Dr. Greenburg, a former dentist who devoted his time to studying more about snoring and sleep apnea. Snoring is a common problem among millions of people in the world and is not only disruptive to the snorers but also the people around them. If you are a victim of snoring problems, then you are likely to experience poor sleep, fatigue, and breathing difficulties. Zyppah, therefore, provides a MAD device meant to eliminate the major cause of your snoring problems.

How Zyppah Works

The MAD device basically works in two ways, namely the jaw advancement technique and the revolutionary z-flex technology.

The major idea in both techniques is simply opening up the airways. The Zyppah device is patented with your tongue hence keeping your tongue from blocking your airway and as a result, reducing or eliminating the snoring problems.

  • The jaw advancement technique works by stopping loose tissues in the jaw from vibrating during sleep hence eliminating the root cause of the snoring problem. After placing the device on the tongue, it holds the lower jaw in a forward motion hence tightening the tissues on the jaw and as a result opening the airways to avoid breathing problems among the victims.
  • The revolutionary z-flex technology, on the other hand, uses a stabilizing strap to hold the tongue in place hence refraining it from blocking the airways.

How to Enter Promo Codes

Zyppah provides the best coupon codes which offers a discount of up to 35% on any order made. These coupons are meant to save you some money while you make your purchase, and you should try taking advantage of them. All you need to do is simply visit the company’s website, select a product, find the Zyppah.com promo codes, and apply the coupon codes that are relevant to your purchase. Here are simple steps to guide you through the process:

  • Take a look at the list of coupons above and select the code that will save you the most money and apply to your purchase. Once you identify your preferred offer, you can simply click and copy the code onto your clipboard.
  • Once one of the promo codes is copied onto your clipboard, you can go ahead and choose the items that you intend to buy and paste the code in the promo code box, which may also be referred to as the coupon code or discount code box. Once the code is applied, your savings will be processed automatically.

How to Connect with Zyppah

There are various ways through which you can contact Zyppah if you want to order their products to eliminate your snoring problem. These ways include calling their customer care toll-free via (800) 875-3370, filling out a form in their website, and their Facebook page at facebook.com/zyppah/.

The cost of the product

The Zyppah product is in a mid-range price level. During its first offering its price was $125, but the price was later discounted to $99.95. This price includes both shipping and handling to locations within the US only. However, if you’re outside the US, you’ll be required to pay an additional shipping fee of $18.95.

Return Policy

The Zyppah MAD device is the perfect solution to your snoring problem, and the company will even provide you with a money-back guarantee to return your money in the case the device didn’t work out as promised. A 90 days money-back guarantee is offered to all users who were not satisfied with the product. However you will need to know the return authorization number to get your money back.

Shipping policy

Zyppah offers a range of shipping options that involve overnight deliveries, among other methods. An electronic invoice is sent to your email confirming the purchase orders and all charges, including the shipping rates. The company ensures that the shipping arrangements are made as soon as the order is made, and you can get your deliveries in the shortest time possible depending on your location.

According to most customer reviews and ratings, it shows that this product works and is worth the investment. Order yours today and eliminate your snoring problem.

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