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About is a virtual dating interface where potential partners can access their matches despite their physical locations. The company has a vast capacity to offer services to more than twenty-five countries and in more than eight different languages. The headquarters for the website is based in Texas, Dallas. was established in 1995 and owned by InterActiveCorp(IAC). has satellite offices in other places such as West Hollywood, Tokyo, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, and Beijing. Subscribers have an opportunity to create their profiles on either a trial account or a paid account on the website.

The trial account allows you the chance to input various bio-data such as gender, birthday, age, location, and sex. Additionally, there are other requisites such as the general preferences for your potential match such as physical appearance, their background, their interests in life, and values such as education, faith, ethics, and languages. The nature of the desired date is crucial in order to meet the right match. Here, you will be open to two account options. The trial account has limited features and accessibility while the premium account has more options that enable you to … Read the rest

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About Eharmony

Dating and relationships have never been easy but the emergence of online dating services has brought a new avenue to find potential partners. Although there are many services available, you need to be vigilant and insightful when it comes to exploring options for a long-lasting relationship. There are many online compatibility matching services available today and you need to think carefully while making your choice for a worthwhile investment. eHarmony is one of the top-ranked dating websites that has been successfully providing services for the last two decades.

Behind the comprehensive and non-conventional dating services that eHarmony offers to its members lies enriched and vast professional experience, insights and years of long research thanks to its founder, Dr. Neil-Clark Warren. As a practicing clinical psychologist and marriage counsellor for 35 years, Neil understands that it takes deeper-than-usual match-making skills to bring compatible partners together for a fulfilling relationship. It is from his experience that he sought to extend his support to those who are looking for long-term, fulfilling relationships.

In 1997, he started extensive research to further explore the idea and after another 3 years was able to channel his learnings and findings … Read the rest