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About Eaze.com:

eaze promo code

Eaze.com is a both an online store and an app which lists thousands of products as well as dispensaries across the states of Oregon and California. The company was established back in 2014 by Keith McCarty. Initially, Eaze started as a company known as Eaze MD. This allowed customers to verify and upload their marijuana card to the EazeMD app. Only once their details had been verified could they order from the online menu.

This means that a client needed an ID card as well as a doctor’s recommendation so that they can have access to marijuana. These days, customers do not need an identification card to buy cannabis products. This on-demand weed delivery marketplace began as a small firm with only 4 employees at an apartment. Today, it has grown to become a big firm with over 100 employees, providing customers with easy, convenient access to cannabis dispensaries. They are easily the most popular online supplier for cannabis and CBD products.

The Eaze app works by connecting clients searching for cannabis products to licensed retailers. Once you login to the Eaze.com website or their app, you can browse a variety of … Read the rest

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Natural Healthy Concepts Coupon

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About Natural Healthy Concepts

NHC – Natural Healthy Concepts – is located at Appleton, Wisconsin and was founded in 2004 by Theresa Groskopp who is a certified nutritionist. NHC originated from the strong belief that the foundation of health and wellness lies in proper nutrition and the best investment you can make is on your health. The NHC team offers a variety of local natural health and wellness services and education via telehealth consults, workshops, and in-person consults. They also offer vitamins, nutrition supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies which are derived from the highest quality ingredients. In 2016, NHC introduced its own brand of professional-grade supplements. These supplements adhere to the strictest standards for purity and potency and consists of the highest-grade ingredients available. NHC has made available a wide selection of professional-grade brands for you to pick from. Their delicate selection of natural skincare and cosmetics is increasingly popular as customers become more aware of the widespread use of harmful chemicals. NHC is all about customer care, they pay utmost attention to you and your health needs.

Check out the NHC blog for important and useful information about your health. Go to nhc.com, … Read the rest

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Zyppah Coupon Code

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About Zyppah

Zyppah is a highly reputed company in the manufacture of devices meant to help people battling with snoring problems. The company was founded by Dr. Greenburg, a former dentist who devoted his time to studying more about snoring and sleep apnea. Snoring is a common problem among millions of people in the world and is not only disruptive to the snorers but also the people around them. If you are a victim of snoring problems, then you are likely to experience poor sleep, fatigue, and breathing difficulties. Zyppah, therefore, provides a MAD device meant to eliminate the major cause of your snoring problems.

How Zyppah Works

The MAD device basically works in two ways, namely the jaw advancement technique and the revolutionary z-flex technology.

The major idea in both techniques is simply opening up the airways. The Zyppah device is patented with your tongue hence keeping your tongue from blocking your airway and as a result, reducing or eliminating the snoring problems.

  • The jaw advancement technique works by stopping loose tissues in the jaw from vibrating during sleep hence eliminating the root cause of the snoring problem. After placing the
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Pharmapacks Coupon

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About Pharmapacks:

Pharmapacks is the leading e-commerce firm with a proprietary tech platform capable of empowering brands with pocket-friendly logistics, fulfilment, as well as sales and marketing solutions. The firm sells products directly to the consumer on Pharmapacks.com. It also sells through partner websites, namely eBay, Walmart.com, and Amazon, amongst many others.

The online beauty and health marketplace is committed to the provision of an easy, convenient and cost-friendly shopping experience. The platform offers a wide range of health and beauty products, medical aids, and pet supplies. It is a one-stop online marketplace for your health and wellness, and that of your pets.

Pharmapacks was established in Queens, New York. The firm brings both the professionalism and experience of operating a full-service health business to the World Wide Web. The company is continually inviting potential clients to explore its website and also make it a regular stop for their online shopping.

The firm operates a launchpad for upcoming brands. It achieves this goal by providing selected lesser-known brands access to its e-commerce platform as well as the client base. As a result, these brands can concentrate on product research and development as the Pharmapacks … Read the rest

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Thrive Market Coupon Code

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About ThriveMarket:

Gunnar, Sasha, Kate, and Nick founded Thrive Market. While they couldn’t have had more diverse upbringings, each one of them witnessed how their parents struggled to put healthy food on the table. Their parents worked hard to beat the odds emanating from an expensive, confusing, and inconvenient food system. The quartet had a deep conviction that there had to be a better way, and consequently, set out to create one.

Thrive Market is built upon the belief that every person deserves access to healthy products at affordable prices, and most importantly, reliable information. The company, therefore, exists to make healthy living not only easy but also affordable for every person.

Why should you choose Thrive Market? Think of it as the one place you obtain the highest quality of products that you love, less the retail mark-up. Think of the firm as a place where every American can thrive. The online, membership-based market place caters to the needs of all people irrespective of their geography, lifestyle, and budget. The shopping experience at Thrive Market is smooth. Choose a membership plan, make payments, order, and wait for your items to be delivered. Items … Read the rest

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iHerb Coupon Code

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About iHerb:

iHerb has been in business since 1996. The company operates from multiple distribution centers across the United States and Asia. A web-based platform, iHerb offers nutritional supplements and several other healthcare products within the United States, and in other parts of the world.

From the time of its establishment, the company has been striving to enhance the shopping experience of its customers. In the beginning, the firm used to promote the benefits of St. John’s Wort, an herb, and hence the brand name, iHerb. Today, iHerb sells a wide array of healthcare products with guaranteed value for money. The firm offers supplements, herbs, kids’ accessories, sports goods, as well as bath and beauty products.

One of the reasons you should choose iHerb is its triple guarantee of quality, value, and delivery. The firm guarantees that you will get the world’s best overall value for more than 30,000 natural products. iHerb stocks all the authentic brands that are commercially available in the US market. There is a catch though; make sure to order a minimum of one time every 60 days. The company also guarantees timely delivery of your order.

The air-conditioned and … Read the rest

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Swanson Vitamins Coupon

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About Swanson Vitamins:

Swanson Vitamins whose business name is Swanson Health Products is an online natural health retailer based in Fargo, North Dakota. The company sells more than 26,000 natural wellness and health products that include vitamins, herbs, minerals, dietary supplements, health foods, home cleaning, and personal care products. The products are typically sold to consumers either through the online website at swansonvitamins.com or through mail order catalogues. As it stands, the company the largest privately held vitamin catalog seller in the US, with more than 250 employees working from its Fargo offices.

The company was founded in Fargo in 1969 by self-taught natural health enthusiast Leland Swanson. Swanson started out as a user of Vitamin E regiment that he got from Sturdee Health Products one of the pioneering health supplement outlets in the United States. By 1968 he was using a variety of supplements and vitamins and ordering them in bulk. He soon thought that supplements was a good business he could get into and ordered 5,000 ecapsules, which he started selling through mail and in Weekly Magazines. By 1980, the company had a storefront in Fargo and Swanson had about 10 employees. … Read the rest

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Life Extension Coupon Code

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About LifeExtension.com

One of the things that you may not know about LifeExtension.com is its participation in the groundbreaking medical research for over 35 years. The company has also financed (over $175 million) research activities in the areas of disease and anti-aging. You might be glad to know that part of this funding usually comes from the purchases you make. Hopefully, this gives you another reason to choose LifeExtension.com always.

The company prides itself in facilitating revolutionary formulas and incredible breakthroughs. Its commitment to advancement in healthcare is one of the things that have made history. The majority of the strategies that LifeExtension.com recommends are so advanced that they are often between 10 and 20 years ahead of the acceptance of mainstream medicine.

Here are three other things that you need to know about LifeExtension.com.

i. The company pioneered the recommendation of the low-dose aspirin therapy to prevent heart attack.
ii. It was the first to recommend the use of CoQ10 to ensure a healthy heart.
iii. LifeExtension.com was the first to suggest the use of omega-3s in fish oil to ensure heart health.

How to Use Coupon Codes

Using LifeExtension.com’s coupon code is … Read the rest

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VitaCost Coupon Code

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About Vitacost:

An American e-commerce firm, Vitacost Inc. is based in Boca Raton, Florida. The company started operations as a catalog retailer of third-party supplements and vitamins in 1994. Initially, it operated under the name Nature’s Wealth. Five years later, the name changed to Vitacost.com, and this came with the introduction of proprietary supplements and vitamins. Today, product offerings have expanded to include food, sports nutrition, and beauty products.

By 2008, the firm had finished the construction of its manufacturing facility in Lexington, North Carolina and from 1st September it leased its manufacturing facilities to a third-party provider. Vitacost went public on 23rd September, and for them, it’s been growth upon growth. The current owner of the company is Kroger. He purchased it in August 2014 at $280 million.

Vitacost offers its customers the beginning point of a journey towards better health. It sells more than 45,000 healthy products that come from over 2,500 leading brands, inclusive of the high-quality Vitacost products. Should you realize that there is a product that the company doesn’t carry, and you are interested in it, send it a request, and Vitacost will do everything possible to make it … Read the rest

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Vitamin World Coupon

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About Vitamin World

Vitamin World is a US-based vitamins retail company with its headquarters in Great River, New York. In 1977, Arthur Rudolph founded Vitamin World and became a subsidiary of NBTY. In addition to vitamins, the company sells nutritional supplements. Its brands include Precision Engineered, “Vitamin World”, and Herbal Authority.

As of February 2019, Vitamin World had 143 store locations. In 2016, Center Lane Partners acquired Vitamin World. However, Feihe International purchased Vitamin World in January 2018 making it the current owner.

How it works

You have three options to make an order. The first option is online through the company’s website. Others include ordering via phone call and use of money order or check.

For online orders, you need to visit www.vitaminworld.com website on your browser. Next, you tab on the menu bar to see the products on offer. The products are put in categories to make your navigation and shopping experience easier. These categories include:

  • Vitamins
  • Supplements
  • Protein and fitness
  • Weight support
  • Digestion and superfoods
  • Beauty and personal care products
  • Herbs and holistic health

Still, on the same drop-down menu, you will get deals under “sale.” You will find available promotions … Read the rest

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