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About Zinus

Zinus is a manufacturer of mattresses and beddings based in South Korea but with operations in the United States since 2010. Its products include latex, foam, and spring mattresses. Additionally, it manufactures other bed products such as bedding and sheets. It started out as Zinus Inc. in 1979 with its headquarters in Seongnam, South Korea. In the U.S., it distributes its products from coast to coast and its floor space in America totals 1 million square feet.

To buy any of Zinus products, all you need is to visit the company’s website. You can then order the product that you want right there. If you intend to take advantage discounted pricing, then you can use the coupon codes which are available from time to time.

How to Use Coupon Codes

If you ever used paper coupons when shopping in a store then you understand how you had to present them to a cashier to have the amount due reduced by a certain discount. With online coupon codes, that’s no longer necessary. You only need to apply them on the merchant’s website.

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