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From the time of its establishment at the beginning of 2013, Kinguin has become the biggest alternative marketplace to Origin,, and Steam. It boasts of over 4 million loyal customers.

  • The company uses an innovative buying & selling platform, and the process is hassle-free. Their mission is to offer buyers and sellers from across the globe the privilege to trade video games at affordable prices.
  • guarantees its customer maximum satisfaction by offer the optional Buyer Protection Program that comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Also, the firm has invested in its customer care representatives concerning elements such as knowledge-base so that they can respond to all your questions via the instant live chat service.
  • This trusted platform gives back to the community in numerous ways. For instance, Kinguin collaborates with other trusted organizations to hold special events such as Kinguin for Charity Tournaments and Kinguin Guinness World Record. Such activities go a long way in collecting the funds needed to support children struggling with illnesses.

They offer activation keys for popular products and software, including:

  • Windows 10: Customers can search their marketplace for Windows 10 Activation keys, as well
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Greenmangaming Coupon

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About Greenmangaming:

Greenmangaming is a British based online video game company that includes a large online community offering millions of gamers around the world a single destination for all things related to gaming. With a large customer base spread across several countries, Greenmangaming stocks a vast range of multi-platform digital games while providing game data track records, reviews, and discussions in its community forums. For those who see video games as a form of entertainment, Greenmangaming has offered a site that has a wide selection that will take you to a wonderland of unending fun at a very low rate when compared to other gaming sites.

Greenmangaming was founded by Paul Sulyok and Lee Packham. Paul Sulyok had previously been the CEO of an online gaming pattform known as Prize Fight while Lee Packham had been the person responsible for developing the technology behind the Prize Fight gaming platform. Although Greenmangaming was founded by Paul and Lee in 2009, the company officially started trading in 2010. Greenmangaming is known to be a global technology company that focuses on various video games and work by giving game key to user via email after purchase.


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