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About Hammacher Schlemmer:

As a company with as many as 150 years of history, Hammacher Schlemmer beats the record as America’s longest-running catalog publisher. In spite of not being ranked as one of the largest catalogers, in the US, the company’s unusual offerings, positions it among the most recognized brands in the business. Hammacher Schlemmer provides wide-ranging specialty products that include housewares, electronics, giftware, leisure, and sports products, and adult and kid toys.

The company started in 1848 in Bowery district, New York City in the United States as a hardware store that specialized in scarce tools. Founded by proprietors Mr. R. Stern and Charles Tollner, it made a name as the nation’s first hardware store. The name Hammacher Schlemmer originates not from its original founders but from two early owners who changed the name to theirs.

Hammacher Schlemmer boasts of being the first to manufacture multiple innovative gadgets and other goods to US consumers for many years. That included the first electric toaster in 1930 and the robotic lawnmower invention in 2000. The catalog with over 30 million in circulation produces revenues of approximately 70 percent, and the rest is coming from sales … Read the rest

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Fresh Direct Coupon

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About Fresh Direct:

Joe Fedele, the CEO of Fairway Market and the former investment banker, Jason Ackerman, found Fresh Direct in 1999. Jason Ackerman is now a specialist in the grocery industry. By 2002, the duo had introduced their products to the New York market.

An online grocer, Fresh Direct delivers its products to both residences and offices within the metropolitan area of New York City. The company also offers next-day delivery to other parts of New York City, parts of Westchester and Nassau Counties, New York, Newark, Fairfield County, Hoboken, Connecticut, Jersey City, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Fresh Direct prepares custom meals and groceries for its customers. It adopts the Just-in-Time manufacturing practice, which reduces waste significantly. This practice also enhances the quality and freshness. One of the reasons for Fresh Direct’s current fame is its ability to distribute organic foods and locally-grown items. The firm also provides products that consumers see in the shelves of the supermarkets every day. The business also delivers several kosher foods. The Marine Stewardship Council recognizes Fresh Direct as a certified provider of sustainable seafood.

Fresh Direct believes that quality should never be a question. That’s … Read the rest

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Pharmapacks Coupon

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About Pharmapacks:

Pharmapacks is the leading e-commerce firm with a proprietary tech platform capable of empowering brands with pocket-friendly logistics, fulfilment, as well as sales and marketing solutions. The firm sells products directly to the consumer on Pharmapacks.com. It also sells through partner websites, namely eBay, Walmart.com, and Amazon, amongst many others.

The online beauty and health marketplace is committed to the provision of an easy, convenient and cost-friendly shopping experience. The platform offers a wide range of health and beauty products, medical aids, and pet supplies. It is a one-stop online marketplace for your health and wellness, and that of your pets.

Pharmapacks was established in Queens, New York. The firm brings both the professionalism and experience of operating a full-service health business to the World Wide Web. The company is continually inviting potential clients to explore its website and also make it a regular stop for their online shopping.

The firm operates a launchpad for upcoming brands. It achieves this goal by providing selected lesser-known brands access to its e-commerce platform as well as the client base. As a result, these brands can concentrate on product research and development as the Pharmapacks … Read the rest

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Woot Coupon Code

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About Woot!:

Known initially as W00t, Woot is an American online retailer, established by a renowned wholesaler of electronics, Matt Rutledge on July 2004. Woot is based in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton in Texas. The primary website of the firm offers one discounted product per day. In many instances, it is an electronic gadget or a piece of computer hardware. However, its other websites offer daily deals for household goods, kids’ items, wine, and Shirts, with two of its other sites offering numerous other items. At times, the company will sell refurbished items. Woot announced its acquisition by Amazon on June 30, 2010.

“One Day, One Deal” is the firm’s tag line. In the beginning, Woot provided one product each day until it went out of stock or until a replacement (the next offering) was made at midnight Central Time. If the daily offer sold out before midnight, the next offering would have to wait until midnight to appear – apart from during special occasions such as Woot-Off promotions. Woot’s business model allows the customers to buy up to three items in a day. However, there are days when the company limits the … Read the rest

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About Audible

Audible is a company that works under Amazon. Audible sells audio books and also produces digital books for different purposes. You can get magazines, digital books, TV programs, and even newspapers. Audible has grown to be one of the largest companies in audiobooks production.

Audible was founded in the year 1995 by Don Katz. It was the first company to come up with digital audio players. For one to play audio files on the player, you had to download AA sound quality from Audible’s website. Four years down the line, Audible’s CEO unfortunately passed away after having a heart attack. After this the company struggled with trying to stay in the market.

In 2003, Audible started selling its audiobooks on iTunes. Audiobooks from iTunes would have a .m4b extension. The founder had a profile of the company recorded and he also started giving IT talks on how the company had developed. In 2005 the company launched the Audible air software that would allow a user to download a book into any device wirelessly.

In the year 2008, Amazon bought Audible at an estimated value of $300 million. The company … Read the rest

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Fabric.com Coupon

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About Fabric.com:

Formerly operating under the umbrella of the Phoenix Textile Group Inc., Fabric.com was founded in 1993 as an online fabric store. The company was then officially launched as Fabric.com in October 1999, operating for 6 years until June of 2008, at which point it was acquired by the Internet Giant Amazon. This move aimed to not only give Amazon a better index of craft materials but also to expand the fabric company’s selection of products.

Now listed as a subsidiary of Amazon, the company offers fabrics and accessories ranging anything from fashion, apparel, home décor, apparel, sewing, and quilting. It also provides various options in terms of patterns and designs on evening wear, active wear, wedding and loungewear, skirts, pants shorts and even different designs on children wear.

There are also plenty of ideas on fashion accessories, home organization and décor, kitchen and table tops, as well and toy options and crafts. Fabric.com operates on a mission to provide quality fabric for anything from DIY to large scale projects. The selection of materials is quite diverse, offering both makers and those who like to like to have their items made a chance … Read the rest

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