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About EasyCanvasPrints.com:

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Easy Canvas Prints is a fast-growing e-commerce company founded in 2009. Its headquarters are currently located in Austin, Texas. Since its inception, the company has perfected the art of decorating and beautifying homes, offices, and apartment buildings. How? Through the transformation of everyday photos into wall-art using made-to-order custom prints.

Currently, the company holds a staff of approximately 101-205 people.  And it may expand even more, judging by current sales growth. However, the company is not yet listed on the stock market and it remains a privately operated venture (as of this date).

Easycanvasprints.com still prides itself in providing its numerous consumers with personalized services such as wall art, canvases…even blankets printed with the customer’s own picture. The company also helps customers turn their photos into a gallery of prints. Through a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature on their website, customers can turn their seemingly normal pictures into an impressive work of art without fuss.

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Like most E-commerce websites, Easy Canvas Prints offers discounts and amazing deals through gift cards and coupon codes. Once you have a coupon code, all you need to do is to … Read the rest

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About My Pillow

My Pillow is a company that manufactures pillows and related products. It was founded by Michael J. Lindell in 2004. His entrepreneurial path was inspired by back problems during his teenage years. After inventing the perfect pillow, he tried to get it to the masses but got turned down. At first, the company growth was slow. In 2011, the family members pooled their money and produced an infomercial featuring My Pillow. Within 40 days, the company had expanded from 5 employees to 500.

The success story was published in Minneapolis Star Tribune which sparked a lot of interest for many people. In 2012, the business was doing so well in manufacturing that it was time to expand again. Due to the many orders, My Pillow had to look for a 30,000 square feet warehouse. Since then, the company has expanded its product line by including bed sheets, mattress toppers, bed pillows, pet beds, and more.

In 2014, Michael appeared on Don Imus Show and told the story of his success on air. Due to the huge audience he was able to reach, Mike came up with a formula of airing MyPillow ads … Read the rest

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